Polished version with more details (Playblast, 25fps):

Polished version with more details (Occlusion, 100fps slow motion):

720p HD-Version


  • 3D Animation
  • VFX

An animation short by Johannes Hennebichler and Philipp Strahl.

This animation short was the practical work for my diploma thesis "Codes of authenticity - filmic staging and reception in animation movies" at the University of applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria.

My job: Modeling, Keyframe-animation (truck), Dynamic-simulations (bricks), Paticles, Fluids, nCloth.

Technique: Full-CG, Maya, Mental Ray

Trivia: The "Trailblazer" emblem at the main grill of the truck has been mirrored by design. It's a known film goof from original footage.